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Yanan Melo’s post on Facebook: Please pray for the Philippines. I was chatting with some friends and family in Manila, Marawi City, and my very own Cagayan de Oro City. ISIS flags are being raised in Marawi City, and they … Continue reading

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Pray for Child Sex Slaves in the Middle East

By Pastor Glem Melo In Mosul (Iraq), ISIS executed 19 girls for refusing to have sex with fighters. Meanwhile, a UN official has confirmed an ISIS price list for sex slaves, with children under nine years of age being sold at … Continue reading

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Pray for Hong Kong

By Pastor Glem Melo Protesters in Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution” have expressed determination to remain on the streets until Beijing agrees to their demand for free elections. With the Chinese government’s notorious reputation for “killer” suppression of pro-democracy protests, another Tiananmen Square Massacre is feared. … Continue reading

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Light in the Dark… in Iraq and Syria

By Pastor Glem Melo In the midst of the great, horrifying darkness that is engulfing Iraq and Syria, the light of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ shines forth. This is attested to by a report that I just received from our … Continue reading

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Pray for Persecuted Christians in Iraq

By Pastor Glem Melo The Islamic State (IS, also know as ISIL and ISIS) continues its systematic genocide of Christians, Kurds and non-Sunni Muslims in Iraq. The United Nation reports, Over the last 48 hours 200,000 civilians have fled the advance … Continue reading

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Pray for Mosul’s Christians Fleeing in Terror

By Pastor Glem Melo “Terrified Christians flee Iraq after having their doors marked by ISIS.” So Australia’s ABC News Online announces the desperate plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in Mosul. The brief report reads, ISIS militants have imposed Sharia law on the … Continue reading

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