Supervision and Accountability


By Pastor Glem Melo

Comforted by God’s word… and God’s men!

The first time that I met and “fellowshiped” with Reformed pastors was in 2009. It was hosted and organized by the late Rev. Dr. Ed Bradley of McLean Presbyterian Church and Oakseed Ministries International. It marked a major milestone in my spiritual journey.

With Rev. Larry Yeager and Rev. Stephen Fix of the PCA’s Potomac Presbytery, 2014

Last year, I visited pastors and churches in the Washington DC area for the third time. In response to my request for supervision and accountability, officers of the Potomac Presbytery ( of the Presbyterian Church in America ( met and concluded that an Oversight Committee be established for me. Since then, for 9 months months now, I have enjoyed and tremendously benefited from the love, friendship, supervision, direction, counsel, accountability and prayers that these men of God have been blessing me with. It’s beyond words!

With Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn and Rev. Steve Doe of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), 2014

Our vision: the establishment of a network of Reformed and Presbyterian churches in the Philippines that will train and send missionaries and church planters to the unreached people groups of Asia and the world.

Meet the brothers:

Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn
Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Reformed Theological Seminary

Rev. Stephen Coleman
Wallace Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Reformed Theological Seminary

2012 Mission Presentation at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA)
2012 Mission Presentation at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA)

Rev. Stephen Fix
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA)

Rev. Phil DeHart
Mission to the World (PCA)

Elder Atty. March Bell
McLean Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Deacon Dr. Charles Staines
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA)

With Elder Mark Bube and Rev. Douglas B. Clawson of the OPC's Foreign Missions Committee
With Elder Mark Bube and Rev. Doug Clawson of the OPC’s Foreign Missions Committee, 2014

Please pray…

1. For the Lord’s continued blessing, guidance and direction upon each of the members of the committee;

2. For my family and I to be refreshed, strengthened and equipped for our next phase of ministry;

3. For the success and growth of the work of evangelism and church planting here in the Philippines; and

4. For more and more pastors, missionaries and church planters to be trained and sent out to advance the Great Commission in the Philippines and all over the world.


About New Hope

We are a community of people who believe in and live for Jesus Christ. We embrace and proclaim the Gospel as taught in the Bible and explained in the teachings of the Reformation: Salvation is by grace alone (sola gratia) because of Jesus Christ alone (solus Christus), received through faith alone (sola fide), based on the teachings of the Bible alone (sola scriptura), all for the glory of God alone (soli Deo gloria). SALVATION IS BY GRACE ALONE, THROUGH FAITH ALONE, BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST ALONE, BASED ON THE TEACHINGS OF THE BIBLE ALONE, ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD ALONE.
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