Bible Training 1 in Antique


By Pastor Glem Melo

The Lord blessed Open Eyes Mission’s very first Bible Training class in Antique. The following are from the Facebook page of one of the brothers there.

2Post #1:

“Finally, the dawn of reformation has started in Antique, our prayers were answered. Never early, never late, God’s timing is perfect. Thanks also to our brothers in Christ from Kagay-an Reformed Church, namely… Ernnel [Tacandong] and… Bryan [Ranalan] for sharing your time with us last week. God has used you to prepare us for the long yet rewarding journey of reformed faith. This is just the beginning, we expect more from the Lord through Scripture alone. God bless us all.”

3Post #2:

“Sacrifice is inevitable if you really want to follow the Lord Jesus: ‘Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, even life itself, cannot be my disciple.’ (Luke 14:26,27 NRSV). These words are penetrating and encouraging to those who have decided to follow Jesus no matter what the cost is. Tie breaking is hard at first, yet the truth is more important than subjective feelings and emotions. Scriptures must be our final authority. I know that by my decision to embrace and proclaim the reformed faith, I will be regarded by many like the venerable church father and bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, as a person who is ‘against the world’. I am humbled and grateful to stand a long side with such stalwart man who fought against Arian heresy with godly zeal and determination for the glory of Christ’s deity. I am already prepared. To all my friends and prayer partners in the ministry, thank you for sharing your life with me. I have filed my resignation, may you consider and whole heartedly accept my decision. Thank you and God bless us all. Soli Deo Gloria.”

4Please remember to pray for these new brothers and sisters in Christ!

For more pictures of Open Eyes Mission’s Bible Training 1 class in Antique, please view the Facebook album here.



About New Hope

We are a community of people who believe in and live for Jesus Christ. We embrace and proclaim the Gospel as taught in the Bible and explained in the teachings of the Reformation: Salvation is by grace alone (sola gratia) because of Jesus Christ alone (solus Christus), received through faith alone (sola fide), based on the teachings of the Bible alone (sola scriptura), all for the glory of God alone (soli Deo gloria). SALVATION IS BY GRACE ALONE, THROUGH FAITH ALONE, BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST ALONE, BASED ON THE TEACHINGS OF THE BIBLE ALONE, ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD ALONE.
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    The Lord blessed our very first Bible Training class in Antique. Please remember to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters there!

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    “The Lord blessed our very first Bible Training class in Antique. Please remember to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters there!” – Pastor Glem Melo

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