Pray for Luzon

“[Tropical Storm] ‘Maring’ is slowly moving toward Japan in the east northeast, but is forecasted to make a U-turn within the next 24 hours as it moves westward toward northern Taiwan.” – GMA News

New Hope Global

By Pastor Glem Melo

  • Floods killed 3 people, 3 are missing, hundreds have been displaced (around 20,000 in Cavite alone), affected affected nearly 95,000 persons.
  • Many cities and towns are in a state of calamity.
  • “The tropical storm is expected to linger in the Philippine area of responsibility until Thursday. (GMA News). Until then, rains are forecast to continue.

“Oh pray for mercy! God has treasures of mercy! Prayer is the key which opens these treasures; and in prayer, be sure to carry Christ in your arms, for all the mercy comes through Christ! . . . Though God may refuse us when we come for mercy in our own name—yet he will not when we come in Christ’s name.” – Thomas Watson

God, be merciful to our people.

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