Crete Church (PCA) in Crete, IL


By Pastor Glem Melo

Last Sunday, I had the joy and privilege of preaching and ministering to God’s precious people at Crete Church (PCA) in Crete, Illinois. After losing their beloved pastor to brain cancer, they are now praying and looking for a new servant of Christ to teach and lead them. Please include these dear brothers and sisters in the Lord in your prayers.

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Power to Witness

2017-07-23 10.01.22


By Pastor Glem Melo

We need the Holy Spirit.  Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins, and to baptize and fill us with the Holy Spirit.  Indeed, He wants us to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit over and over again.  And everyday, we must ask Jesus to baptize and fill us with the Holy Spirit.

Listen to my whole sermon:

2017-07-23 10.03.18


Acts 1:8

1. We need the Holy Spirit.

2. Jesus empowers us through the Holy Spirit.

3. The Holy Spirit empowers us to witness for Christ.

Preached at Peace Community Church (PCA) in Frankfort, Illinois, U.S.A. on July 23, 2017.

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God’s Message, God’s Power

By Pastor Glem Melo

Christ is telling us, “Everything went as planned and will continue to go as planned. I will use you to accomplish the final phase of the plan. Therefore, be clothed by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Westminster ElginTo advance and fulfill the great commission, we need “power from on high” (Luke 24:49).  The good news is that, believer united to Christ by faith, you are already clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:13).  Ask Him to set you on fire for God, make you more and more like Jesus, and use you to lead others to Him. “[B]e filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18).

God’s Message, God’s Power
Luke 24:46-49

  1. Jesus fulfilled God’s promise and plan of salvation.
  2. Jesus sends us to proclaim His message of salvation to all people.
  3. Jesus empowers us to proclaim His message of salvation to all people.

Preached at Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Elgin, Illinois, U.S.A. on July 9, 2017.

Artwork by P. Solomon Raj (Indian, 1921–), Pentecost, 1980s. Batik.

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Blessed Ones

Sermon on the Mpunt rosselli_bergrede_grt

19621805_10154710833588671_2090611735_nBy Pastor Glem Melo

In the Beatitudes, Christ proclaims the gospel of salvation by grace through faith. The heirs of kingdom are not those who claim to be spiritually rich in and by themselves. Instead, they are those who acknowledge their spiritual poverty and lack before God.

LISTEN to the sermon:

Matthew 5:1-12
Preached at Crete Church (PCA),
Crete, IL, on June 25, 2017

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Great Provider, Great Provision

By Pastor Glem Melo
Christ is both the Great Provider and the Great Provision for our salvation and well-being.


Bible Text: John 6:1-15
Preached at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, Roselle, Illinois on May 28, 2017.
Art from Eric Feather, “Christ Feeding 5000”
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Yanan Melo’s post on Facebook:

Please pray for the Philippines. I was chatting with some friends and family in Manila, Marawi City, and my very own Cagayan de Oro City. ISIS flags are being raised in Marawi City, and they have been burning hospitals and schools. There is a lot of pain, anxiety, and fear. President Duterte has declared martial law in Mindanao, and many of my dear friends have become even more anxious because of this news. In all of these bad news, may God have mercy and shed the light of his good news in Christ to the Philippines.

18582151_732448366927291_1176234162220297133_n“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
– Isaiah 41:10

The following is from Haron Ar-Rashid S. Dima:


I was told my school is being burned to the ground. I was informed the city jail is on fire. I was messaged the local hospital is taken over by these men in black hoods.

Roads were blocked, fire trucks were seized, and everyone is questioned of religion. If you can’t prove you are a Muslim, you are “taken care” of.

I have received a message that my high school principal is taken as hostage. Along with her are many non-Muslims who strive to give education to young minds of Marawi. My sisters’ classmates and their families are on their way to our house; they are running away from the threat of fire and bullets.

18582422_1758560337493695_6985797985541146333_nBlack flags are raised to claim dominion of the city.

Hope is frail as of the moment.

I haven’t heard from the local government since the mayor’s interview with CNN where he is still yet to validate and collate information. “No casualties reported” he said.

Churches are torched. This ignorance of religious respect is on an all time high. This is taking away the culture and the history of Marawi, or my memory of it at least.

I grew up with non-Muslim friends and educators. I am where I am right now because of them. All the people who grew up from where I did are successful because of the community we were raised in.

18581782_1434359036623070_6798981304383156983_nInstead of our homes, our schools, our hospital, and our jails, burn your ignorant and false extremist beliefs.

We are being burned down. Help us.

I stand with Marawi City and all of the people therein. Please stay strong. Lend a prayer if you can. Open your homes to those in need if you can.

Religious leaders, Ulamas, and people of high regard and influence, step in and negotiate!

Lock your doors. Keep your windows low. Stay strong.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, and the Most Beneficent, light a candle and pray.


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Aymi at Iligan Mission


18485900_1547006252037350_812287025150291455_nBy Glem Melo

Aymi and her mom Lilia were able to visit and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ at our mission congregation in Iligan, southern Philippines. And it was mother’s day!

18447164_1547006935370615_8111667220999425532_nWhat a blessing to see all those happy faces!

Praise the Lord!

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